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What is Supplier Portal? Learn Finding Wholesale Suppliers Here!

It is undeniable that technology has taken over many fields nowadays. From science to creative fields, from communication to business, everything has involved technology. Especially in business. In the fast-paced world of business, working together and being efficient is crucial. That’s why there’s this thing called supplier portals to support the effectiveness.

What is supplier portal?

Supplier portal, also known as vendor portal, is an online platform that facilitates communication, collaboration, and transactions between a company and its external suppliers. It serves as a central hub where suppliers can access important information, submit bids, update product or service offerings, manage orders, and interact with the purchasing company.

With supplier portals, everything that you need to do regarding supplies, such as payments, invoices, managing inventory, and tracking orders, can be done with just a click. It’s all in your hand.

How To Establish Good Relationships With Suppliers?

Normally you can find many suppliers who sell many products on the supplier portal. As a company who needs suppliers to run the business, you should maintain a great relationship with your suppliers.

Now the question is, how to establish good relationships with suppliers? There are a few things that you can try to establish a good relationship with your suppliers.

  1. Choose suppliers with parallel values
    It is not only important to have suppliers with the products you want, but also it is important to have suppliers with parallel core values as your company. It is vital to choose suppliers that match your ethics, values, and reputation. That way the communication will run smoothly.
  2. Understand your suppliers’ needs
    Not only suppliers that have to understand what we need, it is also important to understand what they need in return. Know what’s important to them, follow their guidelines regarding supplying products, and respect their way of doing things. That way you can establish good relationships with suppliers.
  3. Don’t be an irritating customer
    It is the same way as you treat your customers. You won’t treat your customers badly so don’t treat your suppliers badly too. Paying on time and keeping the record of your orders so that they don’t fall into so much hassle can help you maintain a good relationship with your suppliers.
  4. Maintain regular communication
    If you want to establish good relationships with suppliers, then this way can do a good thing. Maintaining regular communication with your suppliers can help you strengthen the bond between company and suppliers.
  5. Give feedback
    Feedback is important for both parties. Constructive feedback for your suppliers can establish a good relationship between you and them. Despite having good preparation and planning, sometimes mistakes and miscommunication are unavoidable. It’s best to be open and communicate what’s wrong, give them good feedback and involve them in making a solution when something like this happens.
  6. Be loyal
    Although chasing a good deal is important to business, being loyal to your suppliers is also important. If suppliers already did the right thing as you requested, you might as well reward them with loyalty. Business relationships are like two-way streets. Understand that both the company and supplier need each other. That way you can establish good relationships with suppliers.

How to Find Supplier Portal

Now you know what a supplier portal is and how to establish good relationships with suppliers. It’s time for you to start your business and find your suppliers.

Starting a business and finding your suppliers can be tricky, especially finding wholesale suppliers. This sparks another question, where can you find wholesale suppliers? There are a few places for you to find them, the three of them are your network, online searches, and B2B marketplaces.

  1. Your network
    It is as simple as asking your fellow business owner, industry contacts, or even friends or family whether they know someone who is a wholesale supplier. You can also join a business community where you can ask around if there is a wholesale supplier or if they know a wholesale supplier.
  2. Online searches
    One of the great ways to find your wholesale suppliers is to find them online. Find them via search engines or try to find them via online shops. That way you can find your wholesale suppliers according to your needs.
  3. B2B marketplaces
    There are so many B2B marketplaces, both local and international, that are good for finding wholesale suppliers. One of them is Hi-Fella. At Hi-Fella, you can meet many business fellows, including suppliers, that suit your needs.
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