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Step by Step Tutorial on How to Find Export-Import Companies Contact

Sometimes as a businessman, we find that finding and contacting export-import companies is a daunting task. However, the benefits of establishing fruitful partnerships with such companies are undeniable, ranging from access to diverse markets to the potential for substantial revenue growth. In this article, a step-by-step tutorial will be given on how to find export-import companies contact. Learn the art of successful export-import communications and foster profitable global trade connections.

How to find contact information for export/import companies?

There are several methods you can try to find contact information for export/import companies. Four of them are trade associations and chambers of commerce, trade shows and exhibitions, government databases, and business networking events.

  1. Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce
    Trade associations are groups of businesses that work to promote and protect their shared interest in a particular industry or sector, while chambers of commerce are organisations that look after the interests of businesses in a specific area, like a town or region. You can try to find contact information for export-import companies from them.
  2. Trade Shows and Exhibitions
    Many export-import companies participate in trade shows and exhibitions. You can gather information about their contact or regulations from their booths or by networking with attendees.
  3. Government Databases
    You can try to contact your own government trade department if they still have the databases for export-import companies that have correspondence with them. You can also try to find them online.
  4. Business Networking Events
    Try also to attend business networking events that are specified in international trade. Seminars and conferences could be a good starting point to connect with professionals in the field.

How to contact export-import companies?

If you already find your desired company for your trading activities, you can try contacting them. Make sure to be professional and clear as to why you contact them. Export-import companies are not only dealing with only one person and business, but also many of them. You can try these methods to contact them.

  1. Visit their websites
    If the company you aim for has a website, you can visit it first. Usually professional companies have a website where they store information about them, no exception to their contact.
  2. Email
    In their websites, usually under the “Contact Us” menu, you can find their company email. Contacting them via email is one of the effective ways for you to try. Send them your inquiries and proposals. Be clear and concise about your purpose and objectives.
  3. Social media
    Many export-import companies also have social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. You can try to send them messages from their social media platform. Even though you contact them from their social media, try to be respectful and use formal language when you message them.
  4. Visit in person
    If the company is in your region, you can try to visit their physical office to make initial contact. You can exchange your contact with them for future correspondence. While exchanging contact information, you can also observe how their company works, what the regulations are, and other things that your business is concerned about.

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